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Mah Jong Set in Silver Aluminum Case
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Your Move Chess & Games ( is not only for chess. We have a huge selection of backgammon, poker and gambling supplies, Mah-Jongg, Shogi, the Game of Go, checkers, dominoes, cribbage, Chinese chess and checkers, game computers and much, much more! Mahjong is a four player game that originated in China and is a game a strategy and skill with some elements of luck. This is the WESTERN version of the game, in which the winning hand combinations change each year. (A Mah-Jong card with updated hands comes our every April). Includes 4 Plastic racks, mah-jong money, dice, bettor, tiles, case, and instructions.
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The Different Backgammon Techniques
Backgammon is a strategic board game, usually played by two players. Contemporary backgammon games are available in both live and online versions, which are based on the same basic rules, and practice the same general backgammon techniques.

Many Types Of Chess Sets and Boards
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The Fresh Online Backgammon - Back To The Community
For years, backgammon had been known and cherished as a social game, popular among the general population. People used to play it with acquaintances and family at at private houses, at coffeehouses as well as in recreation areas and neighborhoods , certainly in the Middle Eastern and Arab communities. Kids studied the fundamentals and nuances from the seniors and unofficial backgammon experts got a lot of respect from their circles.

Where Can You Find Chess Sets for Sale?
Chess is an interesting game because some people take it very seriously; while for others it is not taken any more seriously than they do any other board game. People play in competitions to see who the best player is (and thus, the smartest), while it is a fun game for children to play, too. The other aspect of playing chest that many people actually enjoy is finding chess sets for sale. It seems that sometimes the quest for the right board can be as enjoyable as playing the game.

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Main points: A "backgammon" is the main reason for the high brand awareness: "Backgammon" related products in the television media, strong advertising, but not for "Backgammon" brand promotion or for doing " backgammon, "branding the measures taken are not enough.

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