History Of Backgammon

Backgammon is composite mind game which is most appalling  for it involves the amalgamation of fortune along with brains that goes on to make the destinies. The backgammon is a board game played with two groups of 15 checkers each on either side. The players need to make the checkers travel to the opposite direction on the board and defeat the opponent, and ensuring to make most of the blot points.

The game of Backgammon is one of the most thrilling gaming experiences. The backgammon is considered to be among the oldest of indoor games all over the world. To play the game of backgammon requires lots of skill, patience and luck on part of the players. This game is believed to have originated approximately as back as 5000 years ago, along the regions of the present location of Iran. Backgammon is played with then use of rolling dice. The board comprise of 24 narrow triangular framework called points, arranged in four quadrants of six points each.

Backgammon Rules

The game is played by two players each starting from either direction of a particular quadrant as their home board and toss dice to begin the game. In Backgammon rules, the player who scores the maximum number starts moving the checkers along with points. The primary goal of the players participating in the game of Backgammon is to bring all the checkers back to their home board in order to get them out of the board. The players who bears all the checkers first is the winner.

The players need to concentrate on the checkers or they might face blocked spaces along the points, and make the critical move which can restrict the movement of the opponent player.

Another Appealing Aspect

An additional appealing aspect of the game of Backgammon is doubling concept. If the players roll the dice to the same number, they can move the checkers twice the number at which the dice rolls. The checkers cannot be moved backwards which means that the players will have to make the movements only on the opposite direction of their home boards.

The players should also be aware of the block points. This will threaten a player’s checkers when the opponent player makes the perfect move. The checkers of different colours will not be occupying the same point. The block on the backgammon board is removed to the bar.

Once all the 15 checkers have travelled to the other side and reached safe to home board, it is the time to get them out of the board, which is known as bearing off. This will be a wonderful gaming experience for those who prefer playing cool indoor games.