History of Chess

Chess is one of the most ancient and popular games of all time, and it has always been competitive, much before the first championships of world chess held in the year 1886. People have always regarded the professional chess champs as great intellectuals who always impel the game to superior heights each time they participate in the game.

World Chess Champion

In the present times, Viswanathan Anand holds the title of World chess champion, like many of the grandmasters of chess; he started playing the game at tender age of six years and still continues to win most of the International chess tournaments. As of now, he is an embodiment of the prestigious game and highly recognised chess champion.

It is not always possible that anyone who has the aspiration to become a chess champion or one of the grandmasters of chess will have the advantage of starting to play the game at an early age. Perhaps age will not be a hindrance factor for those players that have the zeal to master the game of chess.

Improving at Chess

One effective way to improve in the game of chess is to use the chess clocks at the time of play. This will be one method of training to get to acquaint about the big picture of the game itself. This will help the players to devise certain strategies that have been proved to ensure success in the game.

The other most prominent factor is that this method of training will prove be effective as most humans, are able to undergo some sort of abstraction when cornered. Scientifically it has been termed as the fight and flight response. Chess clocks when used will help the players to act according to natural response of their bodies and conduit its benefits to give them a better perception of the situation.

Tournaments and Championships

Official chess championships often deploy chess clocks to make sure that tournaments are conducted as per scheduled time. Many people make the mistake of utilising more time in plotting strategies and in the dilemma will spare less time to make their moves at times of late game. It is quite true that the few first moves are the crucial for chess, though the bigger picture of the game is to be kept in mind by the players and avoid being affected by the common perception.

Chess is a classic game and often involves very crucial on the spot decision and can often change the course of predetermined preparations. Chess grandmasters are aware of all this as their experience has taught them. It is always good to focus on the bigger picture of the game and be vigilant on the moves of the game.