Go Boards

Your Go board is the centerpiece of your playing set. Its selection deserves care and attention to find the right combination of substance, color, pattern, portability, and price. Traditional Go boards have been handcrafted for centuries in an aesthetically pleasing form.

We offer boards in three different woods: Katsura, Hiba, and Agathis. The most precious boards are made from Hiba, torreya nucifera, a softwood of the yew family Because a traditional board requires a tree that is 500 Years old, kaya has become very rare and expensive. If you are interested in a kaya hoard, please contact us for quotations on available boards.

Katsura makes excellent, durable boards, and we offer traditional, table and folding boards in this wood. Unfortunately katsura is becoming more expensive, particularly in the sizes needed for traditional boards. Hiba, a cedar, is most like kaya in appearance. It makes wonderful table boards, but unfortunately can not be used for traditional boards. Agathis is a very stable hardwood. It makes an attractive board of any size that will last for many years.

Veneered boards are less attractive, but they can be quite light and thin. These boards will not last as long as solid boards. The ultimate in portability is, of course, vinyl – a good choice where weight or space is at a premium.